Free marketing workshops

In addition to working with SaaS founders and leaders 1:1, we also run Forget The Funnel: a free weekly series of bite-sized, online video workshops featuring best-in-class marketers.

The workshops help marketing managers earn more C-Suite trust, build airtight strategies, & run marketing with confidence.


In-depth marketing training

Go from frantically searching for quick wins, to taking a measured, focused approach to marketing.

In this 12-part online training you'll get the strategies, techniques, and tools you need to make high-level decisions and ensure marketing directly impacts revenue at your company.


Founders: When to hire a marketer

We're working on a guide to help SaaS founders figure out:

  • How long should you be personally responsible for your company's marketing?

  • At what point should you hire your first full-time marketer?

  • And when it's time, what should you look for in a candidate?

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Founders: How to know if your marketer needs help

Having talked with hundreds of SaaS marketing managers over the years, the top 3 struggles we repeatedly hear are:

  1. Lack of trust from their CEO

  2. Lack of mentorship

  3. Lack of knowledge about how to “think strategically”

We're working on a guide to help SaaS founders spot the signs of a manager who's secretly struggling — even if everything seems fine on the surface.