Strategic Support for Marketing & Growth Leaders with Lofty Goals


Your job is to generate aggressive growth for your company.

Ours is to make you look like a rockstar while you're at it.

Growing a SaaS company — in revenue, or in team size — is super hard.

You're constantly pulled back and forth between short-term urgencies vs long-term goals. There's never enough time to do all the work that needs done. When you get stuck in a rut, you might not be in a position to seek advice from your boss or anyone internal. And it always feels like something is on fire.

You're talented. You're ambitious. You already have what it takes to grow this company.

But without some outside perspective, or a sounding board to help you work through the challenges, it's too easy to get stuck flailing — and never really prove what you're capable of.

Listening to podcasts and reading blog posts will only get you so far. Imagine how much more effective could you be, if you had real live help navigating it all.


What you can expect from Elevate

We provide Marketing & Growth leaders at SaaS companies the support, strategic direction, and outside perspective they need to generate outsize results for their companies.

We complement your unique background and skills with 20+ combined years of professional marketing experience, and 15+ combined years of SaaS experience — from pre-launch, to scaling a marketing team from 1 > 35. It's as if you have three career histories' worth of learnings to draw from, instead of just one.

No more spinning your wheels, trying to tackle a major challenge all on your own. No more pulling your hair out over which projects to prioritize, or how to execute.

Depending on what's already in place at your company, what's working well, and what's needed most, we're here to help with:

  • Brand development & positioning

  • Customer research

  • Unique selling propositions

  • Personas or Jobs-To-Be-Done

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Defining KPIs

  • Strategic planning

  • Product onboarding, engagement & expansion

  • Product marketing

  • Demand generation

  • Content strategy

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Defining the functions & next hires of your marketing team

  • Assembling job descriptions to attract top talent

Where we step in to help you depends on where we can provide the most value, and enable you to be as effective as possible.


How we work with leaders

Essentially: you come with questions, we give you answers. This is your time to shine, so our goal is to support your ownership of strategic work. We help you define a plan, and provide the ongoing guidance and resources you need to get started and make progress.

Month 1, We'll kick off with...

  • A detailed questionnaire to help us understand your team, customers, goals, competition, product roadmap, and so on. This helps us identify where we should focus during our time working with you.

  • An initial 1-hour video call to review your answers, get clear on the outcomes you're working toward, and identify immediate the next steps to set you on the right track.

Each week following, you'll get...

  • A high-impact, 1-hour video call at a recurring weekday & time. Agendas are flexible, but always agreed on with you ahead of time and emailed 15 minutes before our call begins, so you can add anything you need immediate support on.

  • Direct-line support throughout the week via email or chat. We're here throughout the rest of the week if you get stuck, need a sounding board, or want someone to play devil's advocate to help sharpen your ideas.

  • A client portal full of resources. We've developed dozens of templates, worksheets, and frameworks over the years. These will help you accelerate all kinds of projects — from conducting customer research, to customer journey mapping, to strategy and campaign planning, to hiring top talent.

  • Access to vetted, top-notch contractors and specialists. If you need more bandwidth to execute but aren't ready to make a full-time hire, we'll connect you with best-in-class copywriters, paid media specialists, community managers, developers, designers, and analytics experts.


What leaders say



Ty Magnin, FORMER Director of Marketing AT Appcues

“After our first conversation I started gaining the confidence to make a few key hires”

We’d hit a plateau and I wanted to know how to get my shit together to drive continual marketing growth. I sought Gia’s help for management and strategy coaching. After our first conversation I started gaining the confidence to make a few key hires. I realized my job wasn't to do things myself or wait for them to get done, but to put the right people in place. We defined not only the functions of our team, but matched objectives and key results to it. This added clarity and purpose to each function and how they work together. Gia helped us to clarify ideas that had gotten murky. Marketing software at a startup is super hard, definitely go get some help from Gia.


Rally Stanoeva, Marketing Manager At Rewind

"I was hoping to get 1-2 new ideas, and instead I got a dozen ideas and a clear plan on what I need to prioritize and how to execute."

I was feeling in a bit of a rut and hoping to walk away with 1-2 new ideas on marketing activities I should prioritize. The advice she gave me was sometimes not what I expected, or things that I would have thought of myself. She helped me spot some blind spots in our marketing. I was hoping to get 1-2 new ideas, and instead I got a dozen ideas and a clear plan on what I need to prioritize and how to execute. I'm not sure it's possible to pack any more value in 60 minutes.

I've been to many marketing conferences, always walking away with an overwhelming amount of general advice and not sure what I should focus on.
After my 1-hour call with Georgiana, I walked away with more concrete ideas and clarity on what I need to prioritize than any 3-day conference I could have attended.




Availability is limited

To ensure each client receives our full attention, we only work with a handful of SaaS leaders at a time. We're typically booked out at least 2-4 months in advance.

To get started, click the "Tell Us About You" button below. Once you've shared your info with us, we'll schedule a time to speak 1-on-1 to discuss your growth goals, the state of your marketing, and the outcomes you're looking for.