Exec-Level Guidance for Founders Ready to Invest in Marketing

You’re a founder, not a marketing expert. Don’t risk your company’s growth on a bad-fit hire.


"The biggest difference between most first-time founders and most second-time founders is how long they try to do it all themselves."

Over our 15+ years working with SaaS companies, we've seen this quote from Jason Lemkin prove true time and again. Kudos for knowing that it’s time to stop trying to be everything to everyone. You have a company to run.

We know that when funds are precious and a poor hiring decision could do lasting damage. It can feel easier to do marketing & growth work yourself, wasting the valuable time you should be spending on driving the overall business forward.

We also know that continuing to delay investing resources into marketing can stall growth, until things are dire.

The smarter decision, for the sake of your company and your own sanity, is to get some help. That's where Elevate comes in.

We'll help reduce your risk of a poor investment in the wrong talent or tactics, and set your marketing & growth hire up for success.


What you can expect from Elevate

When it comes to growing healthy SaaS companies, we've seen what works — and what doesn't. And here's what we know for sure: you need someone who lives & breathes your company's growth. Someone ready to fully champion your brand.

When you partner with us, we'll help you identify...

  • Whether your company is ready for a full-time marketing & growth hire — and if not, what signs will indicate when it's time

  • What specific skills and experience level you'll need in a hire, based on your target customer, company stage, and growth goals

  • How to position the role and your company to attract top talent

  • How to provide that hire the resources and support they need to make a meaningful impact on growth

Already have marketing talent on your team? Imagine how much more impactful they could be, with guidance from leaders who've been in their shoes. See how we work directly with marketing & growth leaders.


How we work with founders

Our clients save months — sometimes years — they would've otherwise wasted figuring out which growth activities should take priority and what kind of marketer they need to lead them. We've helped SaaS companies...

  • Stop doing it all themselves, flailing around with random tactics that work for other startups

  • Identify candidates with the skills & experience needed to run marketing programs specific to your unique product, audience, and stage of growth

  • Help marketing leaders excel at the "second job" you might not have known they have: championing marketing internally, and building bridges with product, engineering, customer success, sales, etc.

  • Help marketers confidently take ownership, be proactive, define meaningful KPIs, do strategic planning, and set them up to keep momentum going long after we're gone


We'll kick off with...

  • A questionnaire to help us, as quickly as possible, understand the state of your company, what growth methods you've tried, and where we should focus to align with your business goals.

  • A 2-hour video call to review the outcomes you're working toward, identify the immediate next steps to get on the right track

Every 2 weeks following, you'll get...

  • High-impact, 1-hour video calls where we'll help you define what to look for in an ideal hire, where to find good people, vet applications, provide feedback on top candidates, and serve as a sounding board when you have questions or need input.

  • A streamlined hiring plan that will fast-track the hiring process and set the company up to attract top-talent

  • Direct-line support via email or chat. We're here when you get stuck along the way.

  • Tried-and-true tools, processes and resources we've used to develop marketing strategies and hire top talent (templates, worksheets, frameworks).

  • Access to vetted, top-notch contractors and specialists (copywriters, paid media specialists, community managers, developers, designers) — because sometimes, waiting for the perfect hire isn’t an option.

  • Over 20 combined years of professional marketing experience

  • Over 15 combined years of SaaS experience (from pre-launch, to scaling a marketing team from 1 to 35)


What founders say



Peter Polson, Founder AT TILLER

"Gia quickly sized-up Tiller and started adding value."

I needed to add strategic marketing wisdom to our team. I wanted to grow our sales, and to have a partner with whom I could discuss marketing at a strategic level. I didn't know what I didn't know, and I wanted someone who had been through this before.

Gia quickly sized up Tiller and started adding value. She accelerated my own learning curve, helped us hire our marketing lead, and made an outsize impact.

Gia also surprised us with the added value she delivered in customer success and helping to develop a company strategy. I’d definitely recommend working with Gia, she is quick to add value and will accelerate your marketing smarts. And she's fun to boot!


David Sherry, Founder AT Death to Stock

“Claire will make you money, while saving you the time of trying to figure out how to do it."

I reached out to Claire because with Death To Stock, we had a lot of different types of customers who engaged with us in different ways. So we were feeling split: pulled in many different directions without clarity on where to focus. After going through Claire’s customer research process, we could clearly see… 

The 3 types of customers who used our product, what they cared about, and what they were actually interested in purchasing. 

The priorities of our best customers, and how we could better communicate the ways Death To Stock helps with those priorities.

Ideas for new messaging and copy, which would go on to help us with conversion rates and overall marketing strategy. 

She is a powerhouse for companies trying to get to that “next milestone” — she’ll make you money, while saving you the time of trying to figure out how to do it. 



Availability is limited

To ensure each client receives our full attention, we only work with a handful of SaaS companies at a time. We're typically booked out at least 2-4 months in advance.

To get started, click the "Tell Us About Your Company" button below. Once you've shared your info with us, we'll schedule a time to speak 1-on-1 to discuss your growth goals, the state of your marketing, and the outcomes you're looking for.